After a couple of years of mucking around in Flash, I put together a little page with the better experimental stuff I've come up with. I'll find a way to work this into my portfolio eventually... Oh, and the Metroid Prime series is stellar stuff. This Gamecube purchase has not gone to waste, that's for sure.

The aurora borealis are extremely pretty. I was lucky enough to get these few shots in on my way home last night.

I took the liberty of proving the Triangle Trick™, since, you know, it's so frequently used. Anyways, life is decent, the apartment is sweet, but school is too much work >:(

About a month ago I purchased a camera from a vendor over eBay claiming to give a $200 USD rebate on a $300 camera. I was very skeptical at first (can you blame me) and was even advised by some people against making the purchase. The camera was a Canon PowerShot A75. The way the rebate works is that you have to wait exactly eleven months before shipping the rebate, and well, I'll be waiting a while I guess. They did, however, make good on their claim of providing the rebate, and I took the liberty of contacting the rebate provider and it all seems legit. They make their profit by hoping you'll forget or won't be bothered to file the rebate. Apparently their statistics claim most people won't file for it.

Unfortunately the camera started to give me flaky behaviour with compact flash cards, and after an additional purchase of a compact flash card and some headaches with losing initial sets of pictures, I sent the thing in to Canon to get repaired. They did good job at getting it patched and shipped back, and even managed to do it all in under a two-three week period. Although I'm not impressed that the camera failed at all, I'm satisfied with the service and communication I received with them throughout this process.

TL;DR: The $200 rebate was real and Canon's service department is top notch.

Holy crap I suck at consistency in updates.
I'm still working full time at my lovely job which pays me to read (for the second consecutive summer) Acts of Gord and laugh my ass off at stupid customers. Also, summer is going by pretty well, having to move into a new apartment aside. I'm hoping that works out for the best too.

This is Buzz Lightyear, signing off*

*This isn't really Buzz Lightyear, and I'm not signing anything off.

Wow, workloads suck. Lately I've felt that sleeping is a stress even. In all honesty, I don't get enough time for myself and I find I'm staying up later and later to compensate for the fact, but this in turn reduces the amount of rest I get and when I finally wake up I feel like shit, and added to this is the fact that I have another crappy day of school to face. It's not a fun lifestyle, that's for sure, and I certainly can't wait until school is over. I wonder how much harder the Real World™ gets though.... *shrug*.

Flash is fun.

Finished. That's all I have to say about exams and first term of second year here at Mac. This term really dragged out near the end. So what's in store now? Relaxing, a little bit of this, some sprinkles of that, and finally getting to do what I love: being creative. I'll have a new site to add to my portfolio by tomorrow at the latest (if all goes according to plan). I'm looking forward to ye old town this holiday as well.


Take that with a grain of salt, because I've only used pepper today. Don't worry, I don't know what that means either.

I'm currently studying for my engineering materials exam tomorrow, with breaks in between. Life is much better when you're not confined to the place that is school. I can't wait until my break starts. In relation to the past term, today rates as a 6.3. Take that as you will, but bear in mind it's a precursor of things to come*.

Meaning there's going to be a rating site for daily enjoyment of university life.

What have I been up to lately? Slacking off in the face of exams by playing UltimaThrust. That's right, this addictive Flash game coded by DontBogartMe of BIT-101 Forum fame. See that #2 spot there? Yeah, that's my handle in reverse (ahem, my score). I'll displace Dan yet...

Oh yeah, I also won an eBay auction for Devil May Cry... with 11 seconds left I placed my bid. That was exciting. But enough chattering - I must study.

Tomorrow's d-day for 2DI4 students. Dum dum dum. I think I'm going to do horribly, despite my intensive study efforts. There's just so much information.... Good luck to everyone!

I'm frustrated, exponentially more so every day. Here's the low down:

  • had a fight with 2mhost's space allocation
  • school sucks hardcore
  • I don't get to play enough games

    Laurelle is about the only good thing going for me right now. </end rant>

  • 07.21.03
    Never fear! Diego is still alive! Despite the lack of updates my hectic managings are alive and kicking. Ok, so I love my job, the summer is going by pretty smoothly, Laurelle and I are doing just fabulous and aside from that I'm just a little disappointed I can't see my old friends as often. Oh yeah, and I love flash. A lot.

    Working on a new project page! The Bowman Projekt is coming soon. The K was Ken's idea. Hey, his name also starts with a K. Coincidince? I think not or maybe so. We'll see about this. Anyways, thought I'd make use of my nice scripting system that has been greatly underused. By the way Ken, PERL is the mother of CGI languages. Muahaha. Yeah.

    //End Rant

    Moved into my new house, started my new job, and I'm having a blast so far. Aside from a few bumps and scratches from the move in (I still don't have internet access at home), things are going well. I should have the net up and running shortly and I'm looking forward to wiring the house up through a structured wiring plan for easy asccess networking anywhere in the house. SWEET!! More as it breaks.

    I'm back for a few days before my final first term exam(s). It's quite a relief to be back home, really. I guess I went into the whole residence life with one outlook, and came back with a competely different one. I'm not so sure I should have been as excited as I once was. There's a quality about home that's just unmatched no matter where you are. It's strange that I had to lose it in order to learn what it truly meant to me.

    Laurelle doesn't want me to put her picture in the gallery section, so naturally, that means she's going in. Um, no updates for a while but no one really reads these anyways so, um. Monkey. Yeah. I just wrote that because I had nothing else to write. Laurelle is sitting here shaking her head.

    P.S. Laurelle is the greatest girl in the world.

    MOVE IN DAY! Moving in to Mac was fun, and needless to say, I've bumped into some interesting people. We'll see how this week progresses but I'm quite excited. Jesse's just sitting around, sipping his beverage, listening to music. This is going to be a great year....

    I just beat FFX, I didn't like the ending. Piss.

    This isn't a real update, no, not really. It's more of a rant. Yes, a rant. I played FFX today for about an hour in a specific area (the Omgea Ruins if you must know) in hopes of leveling-up my characters and gaining some much needed game 'coin, as it were. Well, on my way out of the place with a hefty sum and some really beefed up characters, I meet up with some tentacle/shrub type thing which ambushes my party, casts mega status ailments (rendering them all confused, poisoned, berserked, etc.) and I lost control of them. So they ended up killing each other! Needless to say I was pissed.

    End Rant.

    Yeah, summer time. I finally get to relax. Oh wait, summer's over. That means update time, feature update. Viola. No need to applaud, I've got hickory sticks in my backpack for little Jimmy. So.. I'm off to university in about a week. How exciting is that? Almost as exciting as this PS2 I purchased! Yes sir, FFX and MGS2 are keeping me entertained, but I rarely get the chance to play them since I've been work-faced for the past three weeks. By the way, the term work-faced originated from a modern day vocabulary extraction procedure known as "I just made it up" and it stands for "I've been working more than I'd like because frankly I can't play on my PS2". If that doesn't explain it, well, then you're a bad person.

    Holy cow-pants Mr. Cookie. Look at the date! Summer's almost over, there lies but three weeks between myself and university, I can't believe it. I better get out my secret list of 'closely-gaurded-things-I've-always-wanted-to-do-before-university' and get some stuff done. Now, where can I find a peanut butter flavored parachute release strap?

    So I bought a scanner today, Canon N1240U, and it's pretty decent. I really needed one for work and I'm just surprised it's taken me this long to get the thing. Well, I added three (woOoO) new pics to the gallery, heh, enjoy.

    Back again. So what's so special about this post? Nothing I guess. I've been kept on my toes as of late with plenty of work coming my way, and not much time for play. Speaking of play, this summer has certainly been lacking in that. I remember my days as a youngster, looking forward to the endless days of summer where I could keep myself content playing video games until the sun went down, and even then, I'd play long into the night. Where did all the good games go? Maybe it's not even a lack of good games so much as this huge anxiety that's been building up inside of me. I can't quite explain it, but as I was driving home from work I started to wonder about the feeling that had me excited about starting something, yet at the same time held me back from ever getting around to it.

    Like I said, I can't quite explain it.

    This is an awfully long post, heh. Well, no one reads these anyways, I might as well write what's on my mind. Who knows, maybe I'll look back fondly on it some day.

    I think it has to be said, I miss high school already. I know it's only been a few weeks but the involvement I was accustomed to has come to an end. Now it's on to bigger things, yes, but will I be able to get into that extra-curricular cycle again and not be overwhelmed? We shall see...

    An update! Yes, it's been a while, but I felt compelled to sit for a moment and type away. I started reading Lord of the Rings and, if I may say, it is an impressive little affair. I had read the Hobbit many months ago, and with all the talk of the upcoming DVD release of Fellowship of the Ring, I couldn't help but wonder what the original literature beheld in its pages. Although the story told by the movie varies from that found in the book, the correlation is none the less notable and commendable. I look forward to finishing this book and eagerly await the new movies as well.

    So I'm done high school...... went to grad/prom for the second year in a row, and it really made me think back on all the good times. I'll miss high school, despite what some people may think, and though I'll probably lose touch with most of those I'd encountered, I'll make the effort to stay in touch with those who matter the most.

    Brazil wins! I'm so excited to see how the rest of the world cup turns out. Senegal plays later today vs Turkey, as does Spain vs Korea. Intense I say! On a side note, the gallery section has been updated. Not that you care. I'll have two more kite's please.

    I wrote my final high-school exam today.... what a phase this has been. I'm going to miss that old school, but it's time to move on. Time really flies, and no matter how many times you hear it, it doesn't really sink in until you look back on major portions of life like high school. Future look out, here I come.

    ABFAS recorded yesterday! Wow, what an experience. That was unlike anything else. I'm proud of our band but am a little disheartened to see us all go our seperate ways. We'll receive a final copy of our work later this week, at which time I'll attempt to make MP3's available for download.

    The site is progressing nicely I must say, and I've now scripted the news updates you see here, no more mucking around in HTML for simple stuff. If you feel the need to view older updates (who knows why) there's an option to do so at the bottom of this side bar.

    In the wise words of someone I once knew.... "The only time where you'll ever use a negative, which is never, is under these circumstances."

    Today was a day of learning. Here's a sample of what my humble mind was exposed to:
  • Tie dye can be fun
  • Trig identities are never fun
  • Salmonella poisoning is fo' real
  • F2 is the holy grail of GTA3 buttons
  • Integral methods may be implemented to solve volumes of spheres
  • Under no sane circumstance should you wish to apply the knowledge of the previous fact to solving volumes of spheres rather than using the simple 4/3 pi r3 formula

  • 06.06.02
    ABFAS played at ND today. Unfortunately for us (due to previous snakings) we were only able to entice with a single song.

    "That's right, it's too easy to forget about it. That's why we're not forgetting about it."
    "Alright..... 19?"

    Check out the wacky tabacky page that just went up. it’s more wacked than when you say jibcheds!

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