Not your general run of the mill kind of stuff.

Quotations Anonymous
This page contains more quotes than a barrel of monkeys does apple cores, and then some.

Genuine Pirates
The definitive page for pirate information and facts, run by my sly friend the fox.

Slim Jackson
So you want to be a detective? You've got the funk style but simply need direction? You like to laugh? Slim's got you covered.

Real Ultimate Power
Ninja's are totally sweet.

Digital artists as good as this are few and far between.

End Effect
Contributing to the online world of digital artistry for over three years now, End Effect constantly delivers the creative goods. Awesome artwork.

Clan oTo
Although this once talented Counter-Strike clan has gone its seperate ways, the page is still up, and it's not too shabby looking either ;)

My company website which specializes in internet development and marketing.

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