"My DS has been in front of me the whole time. Now and again I would reach over to it, attempting to free myself and the machine from our respective imprisonements only to recall the sacrifice I had been making for the benefit of myself and the attention craving device. Oh how the days are long and my fingers tired from calculated manoeuvery, they, as I, wishing to flail arms and legs in wreckless abandon." - Edward Dupont


"And in the quiet wind
My yellow scarf
Bled into my skin."

An independent view.

I will be migrating spidatek.com to a new host over the next few days and running some tests to make sure everything is up to spec. This new host boasts a lot more features though, so I'm excited about the opportunities for development.

Firefox and Greasemonkey provide an excellent development environment for web applications, past a normal page render. My first few entries into this foray include a script to display the McMaster Timetable in a useful format, and a Shacknews DThread Popup preview script.

I broke down. My new playground will soon be found at www.stoldark.com.

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