My humble portfolio; here you'll find various digital artwork (both 2d and 3d) along with other computer graphics work and web designs. I guess all websites get serious at some time or another....

The websites portion of my portfolio displays various websites I've created during my experiences as a web designer, although some sites are no longer in use. A lot of time and effort went into them, and each brings back fond memories of the project as well as personal feelings associated with those time periods. Go

I guess all computer artwork is eventually displayed in two dimensions, but being limited to the flat workspace from the start requires a different artistic perspective in order to accomplish much. Go

Having freedom to model and texture objects in any way makes for unlimited possibilities in the world of digital art. Here's a small collection of my experience in the world of 3d modelling/texturing.Go

These pieces of artwork are the ones which I've put the most effort into emotionally. Trying to communicate sentiments and abstract thoughts through digital artwork can be both frustrating and entertaining.Go

The following are a collection of various mathematical experiments using Macromedia Actionscript to demonstrate the elegance of Math in Motion. Go

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2002 Diego Benavides