Here's some information on myself and the site, in case you were wondering.....

Given name: Diego Benavides
Real name: Batman
Age: older than the colour 'hot pink'
Waistline: quadruple b+ (when cheerios are eaten for breakfast)
Hair color: not blue

Favorite Iannizzi moment: whoah whoah, slow down there! too many to choose from

Favorite planet with the name earth: Jupiter

Preferred version of Corel WordPerfect Suite Release 3.02: MS Word 2001

Maxmimum stunt level obtained: Double harness backflip-o-rama

So what's this website all about? Features! Funny ones, and my photo gallery of course. I have many a good friend on display there. Oh yes, we can't forget about my portfolio, that's where all my "cool artwork" goes. By "cool artwork" I mean totally sweet. That reminds me, I need to include a FAQ in this page. If you read this and say to yourself, "Wait a second, you've already got an FAQ link in your header," that's because I hadn't added it at the time of writing this, but anticipated your move. I've got you mapped like the Sahara desert!

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