I canít remember why I put this here either. Feature or something? Hey, thatís a good idea. Iíll have special features that I can just ramble on about. This feature highlights landscapes, and how much I donít care about putting them on this site.

So does that throw you off in terms of category? Good, I expected it might, you see, I'm not as predictable as some would have you believe.

Take this North American white tailed rabbit for example. "But Diego," you say, "Thatís just an image of static!" Aha! Thatís where I have you fooled! Look closer! Literally, look closer at the monitor. Now what do you see? More static? Well, thatís because it is static, but for a while there you probably looked funny squinting into the monitor, that is, provided you squinted. Others may have read ahead and realized "He's trying to pull a fast one on me." Those people I have anticipated for, and deserve recognition on the following list:

  • the fox

    That is all. If your name does not appear on this list, there could be several reasons. One example of such a reason is that your name does not coincide with those appearing on the list. Another possibility is that you do not share attributes with people on this list. Finally, if you are still dissatisfied with the reasons for not appearing on this list, then realize that you did not make the final 'cut' of people to appear on this list. Take comfort in knowing you are not alone.

    In conclusion, the fire department will hold it's annual ceremonial tulip festival this week, with a safety rating of 5. Don't believe me? Look at the official safety-rating stamp:

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