Sunday March 8, 2000

8:40 pm
No update for a LONG time, mainly because I am no longer getting a GeForce, reason being, I've decided to wait for the next generation NVIDIA cards. I want that full screen AA running at 1024x768x32 @60fps on my lowly p2-300!! :)

Friday January 28, 2000

2:19 pm

Ok... is there a point to this update?
HEY LOOK! Ice-cream truck!

..... Hey, I finished my math exam today!
My friend Ashun has a new incarnation of his page under works. Here's the link. Check it out, looks awesome!

Tuesday January 4, 2000

3:11 pm
Duh... Geez I'm a moron. I forgot to mention this site is going to be moving to because I'm running out of space in this sub-dir. Anyways, I've started transferring files and the site may be down at the new address for a while. I'll leave it up here until I finish the transfer of files.

3:10 pm
You know what I just noticed? This isn't a real news page. Heh. Oh well... Nice update huh?

3:03 pm
I just got back from a local computer store and dished out $21 for a new CPU fan, my previous one was making way too much noise, it was driving me nuts. This new is so quiet it feels like my comp isn't even on.... well worth the purchase. My sanity is slowly slipping away with my hideous Voodoo2, I can't wait until my Annihilator Pro gets here!! Hey NVIDIA, you want to send me a reference board of your nv15 when you get one manufactured? Huh? I'll promote it big time, taking screenshots and benchmarks and all, please?! Please?! 16-bit color has this effect on you....

Saturday January 1, 2000

2:08 pm
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Oh wait, that was about 14 hours ago.... damn.... oh well. Rented Black Mask yesterday. All I can say is, one of the best movies I've ever seen. Also, I'll be returning my 3D Prophet tomorrow in wake of receiving an Annihilator Pro, so I'll be 3d accelerator-less for two weeks to a month. Well, I will have a Voodoo2, but that doesn't count. It's a 3dfx based product. Wait, those aren't products, they're overpriced paperweights.

Thursday December 30, 1999

8:21 pm
Wow, I am TOTALLY bored right now, just hanging out at the Quake 3 World Forums. I have updated the archives section, added some pretty nice shots from Q3DM9. The news section never got a facelift today, I guess I was just too lazy. In other news, the page will probably be moving shortly, as the amount of space I now require to store the screenshots is getting pretty hefty, and a sub-domain on an already sub-domained page isn't gonna cut it if this page is gonna hold the amounts of screenshots I am hoping to contain.

10:52 am
After much fighting with my html code, I have gotten the new deisgn to work properly, phew. Hope you like. Now, to do something about this news!!

9:50 am
What the hell am I doing up so early on my Christmas vacations? Anyhow. More screenshots uploaded (DM6, DM14 and TOURNEY3). I finished the the links and info section as well. The page is slowly coming together. I also noticed this news section is really bad. I need to spice it up. Maybe I'll have an updated news section by the end of the day.

Wednesday December 29, 1999

7:45 pm
Well, not much going on now, but you can check out this funny log from #PXM on (IRC server and channel I hang out at). Click here to read.

Lots of stuff happening today! I've uploaded 22 new screenshots for your viewing pleasure, including those of my favorite levels (Q3DM11 and Q3DM15). I still need to add more screenshots for the other maps currently on the page as they only have 2 or 3. I should have lots of time to do that today.

UPDATE: I have uploaded some l33t shots my buddy Ashun has taken in Q3A with his TNT2 Ultra. He's so kind =)

Tuesday December 28, 1999

Wow, three days till new years eve. Hope my brain is Y2K Compatible, wouldn't want it to shut down on me. Anyways..... Welcome to Q3SA's official grand opening! *cricket chirp* *cricket chirp*
Ahem..... yeah. Enjoy the screens.

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