We're throwing a LAN party!
That's right, #pxm is having a LAN party on Friday the 5th of October, organized by baXo, stoldark and ZipTroN.

Strictly A Games LAN?
For the most part, the LAN party will involve the playing of multiple games. That isn't all people do at LANs, however. Due to the incredibly fast transfer speed, trading files such as MP3s, MPEGs and AVIs is a commonomality. It's also a great place to show off your desktop and computer modifications. There will also be a lounge area set up for people to sit and chat while they take breaks from the computer. In order to provide as smooth a gaming experience as possible, if you're not going to play any games, we'd politely ask you to refrain from coming unless you enjoy watching others game for hours without disrupting their play.

I'm Interested... Where Are You Hosting This?!
The LAN will be held at 361 Hellems St., at the Hungarian Hall in Welland, Ontario. We will be utilizing the basement area for space. For detailed instructions/directions on the location, check the directions section of this site.

OK So What Time?
The LAN party will start at 8:00 PM on Friday, October 5th and continue until 12:00 PM (noon) the next day (Saturday, October 6th).

What Do I Need?
Aside from the basic components, that is, a computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse, there are various items you should definitely bring. For your convenience, we've made a seperate page listing exactly what you need. Click here for more information.

Is This Going to Cost Anything?
Well, no, it is a free event, however, donations are accepted and greatly appreciated. Donations can include anything from lounge furniture to vast sums of money. All donations go towards future LAN events and improving LAN conditions.

We're excited for this event and are expecting between 20-30+ people. Hope to see you all there.
-stoldark (Diego)